Linen Care

Washing of products

Washing of linen products is possible by hand or in a washing machine. The temperature of water should not be more than 30-40 degrees of Celsius bright and saturated dyed fabric.

White and multicoloured fabric can be washed with the temperature of 60 degrees of Celsius. It is possible to wash white and natural linen fabric with the temperature of 90 degees of Celsius in the case of dirty fabric. It is torelant to long time washing.

We do not recommend to soak linen products for a long time. Threads can swell from it and the product becomes malformed.

We do not recommend using earthy water for washing.

Removing stains

It is not possible to bleach linen products by bleaching agent containing clorine. Dry cleaning and getting rid of stains by solvents is prohibited.

We recommend to apply ammonia solution on greasy stains.

You shoud pour sparkling water (without colours and sugar) or white wine immediately on a red wine stain and rub it.

Water mixed with vinegar, ammonia solution and vodka can remove stains made by fruits, tea, coffee, chocolate.

Plain water can wash off stains of blood.

Drying of products

It is better to dry things in a spread shape and outside. Then the products smell by fresh air and it is easier to iron them.

If you use a dryer, you should use the right setting. Do not dry linen too much! Many dryers have a setting that simply air out laundry without warming. This is the right setting for drying clothes made of linen. After drying you have to iron all edges of products. Next fold all products carefully.

Ironing of the products

Linen should be ironed after every washing. Steam iron setting can make ironing easier. Do not use starch.

If you wash and iron linen product in a right way, folds will mostly disappear. Products with a big amount of natural linen fibers will still pucker, especially new ones. After some time the products will become softer and you will see they will crease less.

We recommend to start ironing of linen products when they are still wet. If there is an embroidery on a linen product, it is better to iron it at a back side not to destroy it.

Storing the products

Clean and ironed linen product keep flatways, carefully folded on a shelf of the wardrobe.