About linen

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antibacterial
  • Protection against radiation
  • Immunorestoration
  • Thermoregulation
  • Hygroscopicity
  • Air permeability

The linen products provide for good skin ventilation, ensure more intensive blood circulation, stimulate body activity and release tension. Such products do not cause any allergies and contribute to normalisation of body temperature. They possess a high level of moisture absorption and go dry quickly; kill bacteria and fight various skin diseases.

What does comfort and health mean within the linen products conception? 


Our products do not cause allergies because they are made ​​of pure flax. This material has unique properties and is ideal for human body! Surgical linen suture is reabsorbed within 2-3 months after healing and is sensed by human body without allergic consequences.


Flax has excellent antibacterial properties due to the content of bioactive compounds and trace elements in linen fibres. Neither bacteria nor fungi grow on flax surface. Clinical studies have proved that the use of linen eliminates many types of excitations appearing on human skin.

Protection against radiation

Due to the fibres’ specific chemical structure and composition, pure flax does not accumulate static electricity. Linen retains almost the entire spectrum of sunlight, including UV radiation, and absorbs the ionizing radiation of household appliances and computers. The use of flax within the interior environment improves and softens the microclimate of the rooms. 


Synthetic materials usage is a part of our life. However, the negative environmental impact can be reduced through the implementation of natural materials. Scientists have shown that due to the chemical composition and the high content of biologically active substances within the linen fabric, its applying increases the amount of immunoglobulins (antibodies) in humans and improves immunity.  


Due to the excellent thermal conductivity of the flax material, the air temperature under the linen towels is by 2-4˚C lower than under the cotton ones.  


Linen fabric perfectly absorbs moisture and goes dry almost 1.5 times faster than cotton. In addition, due to its density and hardness, linen fabric never sticks to the body. Besides, the use of linen fabric prevents many diseases, especially in children.

Air permeability  

You have probably noticed that, when wearing synthetic clothing, you are sweating faster. In contrast to the plastics, the linen fabric has excellent breathability even within a wet environment. Therefore, people sweat less if they wear linen. Under the linen clothes, the humidity level is 20% lower than that under the cotton ones.  

Linen Ideas